Industry 4.0: Internet of things delivers fleet management for general aviation, EASA approved !

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ATC Bonn decides for charterware and own reservation

md-flugschule Magdeburg decides for charterware and aircraft-info-desk

Aero Service Worms decides for charterware

MG-Flyers Mönchengladbach decides for a first Unit run at aircraft-info-desk

Within several steps the solution is developed with flying organisations.

WSB GmbH Norden decides for charterware und aircraft-info-desk

UL-Hannover decides for charterware und aircraft-info-desk

FSV2000 Vienna starts to upgrade the whole fleet by charterware + aircraft-info-desk

Industry 4.0: Internet of Things provides fleet management for general aviation, EASA approved!

We are living in the days of the Internet of things (IoT) when machines collect data and communicate over the internet. In in many general aviation companies however, flight log data are still noted manually and keyed into computers afterwards.

In fact, mostly they are entered even several times into different software application ilands. Some general Aviation ERP systems for reservation and flight logging provide flight log forms, but they are not networked with their fleet, so data are keyed in manually the 1. time for training administration and debriefing. Other companies' staff enters the same data a 2nd time into a billing software. It is well known that the data are inacurate oftenly with financial consequences for your company, but what can you do? The flight instructor 3rdly types in the same flight time data for his personal logs. The student does the same thing a 4th time. At the end your tax laywer keys the flight log bills into his Accounting software a 5th time and charges you for that work.

So 5 people do actually key in the same inacurate data from the plane' s inaccurate paper book ! This is not necessary any longer. Save the money or effort for this work and go for exact logs by the second. Save about 5% cost in your enterprise and bill about 5% more flight log times. Bill either flight or block times and don't miss a landing! Cost and turnover are both immediate driving components for profit. If you actually leverage 10% profit, this might be double as much as you had in the past or you do make money with your enterprise the first time.

General aviation clubs do of course need simpler IT solutions than a flying school or even an airline. There are however standard solutions for all company sizes available.

For clubs and schools

For german speaking regions there is an integrated Application available in our cloud. See the german version of this website for more details. On request we might be able to provide it in english as well.

However for those clubs who prefer their well known systems we provide data interfaces to automatically import the data without any user action. In Germany again aircraft-info-desk makes use of this feature, but it can be done by your favourite reservation / logging system as well. Those data can then be transferred further on to Exact-Online an online billing service with accounting features. Using such systems no data heve to be entered at all.

For larger companies up to airlines

If you are an international company running own data centers, you might want to be independent and run your own fleet server and provide your own SIM cards.

This is possible as well but needs a specific project with interwiorking of your IT people and ourselve. Talk to us !