prices (net)

Hardware prices one time per unit net:


The On Board Unit is realized as a personel electronic device, but it needs to be connected to permanent and switched supply. In a basic Version it comes with a supply cable. For installation within EASA CS-23 planes the following materials might be of further use.
OBU V3 € 900,00

Installation materials and EASA documentation

This package is a documentation set constisting of EASA minor change Approval, Installation manual and flight manual supplement for the follworing planes: ( for details see the actual documents.)

  • Cessna 150-185
  • Piper PA28
  • Diamond DA 20, DA40, DA42
  • Cirrus SR20, SR22
  • Beech Bonanza / Baron
  • Aquila

The package furthermore consists of the major materials neded for an installation. (The picture is inaccurate, but shows a selection of those materials.)

  • a modified OBU connection cable with plugs at both ends
  • an interface Jack ( picture uninstalled yet in a Cirrus cabin)
  • a female type plug to connect to it at the rear side of the panel
  • a drilling Template to modify a facebalde,
  • 3 AWG 24 wires acc. to MIL Spec
  • 2 resistors
  • a fuse 1A ( for planes having no hot bus an additional fuse will be needed)

Installing aircraft service companies may call for futher hints if any questions.

Set of material with ful EASA documents including minor change approval as nneded for CS-23 pales if not modified by an EASA Part21 company or plane manufacturer.

Einrüstmaterial € 90.00
ID Chip for pilots
Transponder Chip
ID Chip für Pilot € 4.90

Softwareprices monthly per plane net:

Pos. product description  
1 Flight Log interface

automatic interface to receive flight logs for instance by

  - aircraft-info-desk
  - Resi
  - Vereinsflieger
  - Onres24
  - OpenFlyers
  - aerogest
  - walt-air

or other software services

2 Tracking

Track visualization in google Earth


3 G-Metering Occurred g- values of more than 2,5g / longer than 80ms are detected and
printed into the flight logs.Those values are an indication of hard landings or other critical maneuvers.
4 Professional license Access under following side conditions:
  • Highly available, etimated 99,99% ( Downtime ~ 55 minutes per year
  • Daily ful server backup
  • Hourly data base backup
  • Daily backup into 2nd data center
  • Support by telefone hotline usually 9:00-18:00
  • Track File delivery after every flight
  • Warning at hard landing into log book including ( specific crash energy/kg, @ place&time )
€ 49.00
5 Non Profit license For clubs, not including tracking and hard landing detection acces under the following side conditions:
  • Estimated availability 99% ( Downtime ~ 3,5 days per year )
  • monthly backup
  • support by e-mail @ estimated 48h reaction time
€ 19.00
  Non Profit Option Tracking + hard Landing detection € 9.00

All prices are net. Taxes come on Top. Details will be fixed in a service contract.